The Secret Tales of the Last Jews of Ifrikia

The Secret Tales of the Last Jews of Ifrikia
Marc Eliany ?  1999 All Rights Reserved.

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The tale of Big Bird Ziz
Adam and the Atlas Mountain
The value of creation and the suicide bomber
Adam and Eve and Creation
Adam’s soul and my own birth
Adam and the knowledge of arts and crafts in the Maghreb
Creation and the Angels of Envy
Lilith and the archangels
Isaac and Ishmael and the lost flavor of Paradise
The Birth of Virtue and Kindness
Brides and Grooms and The Fallen Angels
The Sacred Book of Knowledge
The Tale of the Vine and the Tallit
The Fall of Babel and the Settlement of Canaan
The Redemption of the First Born
Abraham’s covenant with Jebus
The Angels who Love Mankind
War and Peace and Esau and Jacob
Modesty and False Splendor
Joseph and the Redemption of the First-born
Jacob’s Ascension to Heaven
Job and the Merit of Edom
When Heaven Inhabits Earth
Learning and Atonement
Aghamat and the Priesthood
The Rebellion of the Reubenites
Pentecost or the Festival of Awakening
Moses’ Last Day on Earth
From Joshua to Samson
Between King Saul and King David
Solomon’s Lesson in Humility
Judea and Israel and the Angel who Loved Men
Jonah and the Giant Whale
The Exile to Babylon
The Return from Babylon
The Sacred Tale of the Jews of Dra’
The Tale of the Three Sages who Entered the Orchard

Tales of Seha the Sage

Tales of Seha the Sage
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Table of Content

Amulets and Good Fortune
Compassion for Donkeys
Cat and Fish
Debts and Conscience
Effective Cures and Right Predictions
Elijah and Charity
Good Character and the Secret of Happiness
Good Deeds and Prayers
Happiness and the Gardener’s Cloths
Heartlessness and Good Looks
Justice and Charity
The Jug and the Small Fortune
The King who Did not Laugh
The King and the Jewish Jeweler
Love and Compassion
Magic Cures and National Fame
The Passenger who Could not Swim
Plain Soup and Good Taste
The Rabbi and the Kin
The Royal Tailor
Sainthood and Fertility
Seha’s Advice to his Merchant Friend
Seha’s Advice to the Prince
Seha and the Old Cow
Seha and the Fast of Ramadan

Tales of Seha the Village Clown

Seha the Village Clown
Funny Tales Grandma Told Me

El Hi Ani © All Rights Reserved


Seha was everything to every one. He could be the smartest man on earth in one tale but the dumbest in another. Seha could be the poorest of all men in some circumstances and yet an advisor to kings in others. He was a child, a man, an angel and even an underground creature. Seha was popular in many Mediterranean countries. He may have taken names such as Moha or Joha, yet he remained the same perennial clown. In short Seha offered people in Morocco, among other places, an opportunity to make fun of everyone and everything without offending anyone.

Swimming Stars
The Cook and the Chickpeas
How to Teach a Camel to Speak in Style
The Princess who Loved the Moon
The King who Did not Laugh
The Newborn Genius
The Logic of Darkness
Seha’s Falling Cloths
Prayers and Lies
The End of the World
The Rain Maker
The Last One to Laugh
The world traveler
Forever Young
Lost Sleep
The Price of Saffron
Seha’s Justice
Seha the Traffic Police
How to Save a Rich Man at no Cost
Pleasures of Poverty
Anywhere but in the Middle
Back from Heaven
Good and Bad Years and the End of Days
The Shortest Way to the Cemetery
The Fish and the Holy Water
Seha and the First Jews