Cohen Alfassia Zohra Zohra Al Fassia is a Moroccan Jewish female artist born in 1905, in Sefrou, near Fez, Morocco. She is considered as one of the emblematic and pioneer figure of Malhoun, a Moroccan authentic genre of music, in the 1920s. She lived in Casablanca where she had a successful career. She lived in Ashkelon, Israel as of 1962 and until her death in 1994. Zohra made a highly appreciated contribution to Moroccan culture and musical interpretation and left behind an ever-lasting heritage. The Morocco Years Zohra Al Fassia recorded at least 17 albums between the years 1947 and 1957 for Polyphone, Pathe and Philips in both Arabic and Tamazight languages. She was a favorite of the King and of the people and took pride in the fact that her music was enjoyed by both Muslims and Jews The Israel Years By 1962, Zohra Al Fassia at the height of her career – moved to Israel, where she lived in a modest apartment in Ashkelon, in conditions strikingly different from the ones she enjoyed in Morocco. She continued recording in Arabic for the Koliphone (Zakiphon) label in Israel.


A tribute to Zohra Alfassia by Erez Biton (1976)

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