Eliette Abecassis, Sepharade

Eliette Abecassis, Sepharade
2009, Albin Michel Fiction, French

Reviewed by M. Eliany

Eliette  Abecassis  knits a love tale, contemporary,  as well  as, ancestral, the tale of Moroccans and Sephardi Jews, vacillating between  stereotypes, intentionally and intentionally, stretching limits of facts and  truth, to make a story, anchored in the real, in a pursuit of her heroes’  identity, one’s identity, one’s self, free of constraints (p. 239-246), yet  subject to endless affinities, overt and hidden, conscious and unconscious, and  subject to misunderstandings and contradictions, in which rebellion and  conformity are blurred (p.347).
Eliette Abecassis tells her tale of the Sephardim, aware  there must be different perceptions of it, as in the case of multiple  co-existing realities (p.265-266). It is a touching tale of a person,  male, female, discovering the human and universal in himself, herself, through  shaping encounters with the ‘other’, in love and hate, in a course of a  lifetime, in which, a memory of historical dimensions in contained.
Eliette Abecassis deserves much respect for digging deep  into herself, her heritage, our colorful heritage, cherishing its splendor, in  spite of its entrapments, to make us aware who we are, as individuals, as a  community, to love ourselves as we are, in our strengths and weaknesses.
Read this book and spread the word that it is, perhaps, a contemporary  amulet, to save us from losing a sense of who we are.

When Angels Fall in Love

When angels fall in love

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“When angels fall in love” is a work in progress. It is the tale of a young boy, born in Israel, to a Jewish family originating from Morocco.
It is the tale of his parents and ancestor’s weddings in Israel and Morocco, the tale of his own birth and circumcision
and the tale of his growing pain in his attempt to live a life of a perfect man on earth.

The tale crosses boundaries between history, fiction and the legendary told in a way untold before.

Table of content

Book 1 sample: The Wedding

Book 2 sample: The Circumcision

Part 3 sample: The Age of Reason

Marc Eliany (c) All Rights Reserved
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Jewish Moroccan Tales

Jewish Moroccan Tales

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Table of Content

Preface: The Extraordinary in Storytelling in Jewish Morocco

The Rabbi Who Summarized the Talmud (1013-1103)
The Scroll of Tislit (1142 – 1391)
The Tale of the Torah Scroll and the Chariot (1391)
The Rabbi and the King’s Daughter (1420e)
The Tale of the Rabbi and the Lion of Tlemcen (1420-1440)
Yhia the Sweet (1600e)
Avi Hatsira and the Flying Straw Mat (1600e)
Samuel and King Zeidan (1603-1650)
The Legend of the Ten Messengers (1603-1650)
Rabbi Yehuda the Great (1672-1727)
The Lion’s Den in the Jewish Quarter (1672-1727)
Rabbi Haim and the Magic Mirror (1672-1727)
Rabbi Haim in the Lion’s Den (1672-1727)
Rabbi Haim and the Jewish Pirate (1672-1727)
The Cave of Oufran (1792)
Rabbi Pinto and the Wealthy Pagan (1758-1845)
Jewish Saints and Moslem Pilgrims (1800e)
The Tale of Solika-the-Just (1817-1834)
Solika-the-Just and Queen Esther (1817-1834)
Charity and the Overflowing River (1808-1880)
Justice for All in Jewish Courts (1808-1880)
David O’ Moshé and the Chariot of Fire (1822 – 1859)
The Conversion of AbdAllah Yakub (1880e)
The Tale of the Roaring Lion (1880e)
The Prince and the Queen of Jnun (1880e)
The Tale of the Pious and the Spice Garden (undetermined)
The Tale of the Oil Vessel and the Famine (1880e)
The Boy Who Did Not Observe the Silence Ritual (undetermined)
The Tale of the Impatient Groom (undetermined)
The Tale of the Bride Snatched by the Prince of the Jnun (undetermined)
The Tale of the Wealthy Man and the Sage (undetermined)
The Tale of the Wise and Compassionate King (undetermined)
The Rabbi Who Moved Clouds to Bless the Moon (1876-1912)
Baba Dudu of Taroudant (1900e)
Rabbi Pinhas and the Governor (1950e)
Priesthood Settlements in Morocco (1950e)
Rabbi Eliahu Ha Cohen the Governor of Casablanca (1958e)
Baba Sali and the Hostile Governor (1890-1984)
Wandering from Tarkelil to Israel (1950-1960)

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