A graduate in personnel management (Technion 1979), social sciences (Hebrew University of Jerusalem BA 1974, MA 1976), Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada (Doctorate 1976-1980) and University of Ottawa (Diplomas 1985). Worked in Canada and the United Nations and published extensively in the area of Health Studies (1989-1996). Studied art at the Tel Hay College of Art in Israel (1966) and the School of Art in Ottawa (1985) and worked intermittently with artists in Canada, France, Austria, Israel and Morocco but considers himself auto-didactic in the area of the arts. Exhibited extensively in USA, Europe, Israel and Canada. Contributed to art community and business development in Europe, Israel and Canada. Born March 26, 1948, Beni Melal, Morocco.

Art Publication

ELIANY Marc Artistic Creation and the Moroccan Jewish Diaspora (2008)


ABECASSIS Eliette Sepharade book review (2009)
ELBAZ André La tentation de l occident (2007)
ELIANY Marc Mind and Soul Jewish Thinking in Morocco (2009)


Eliany Collections (2013)
Eliany Education (2013)
Eliany exhibitions (2013)
Eliany Professional Qualifications (2013)
Eliany Publications (2013)


Primal Landscapes

Folks Tales

ELIANY Marc 2013 The Tale of the Kingdom of Ephraim in the Dra’ Valley (2013)
ELIANY Marc 2010 The tale of Big Bird Ziz (2010)
The tale of Lilith and the Jnun

Israeli Society

HALEVY Efraim A Mossad Leader Perspective on the Middle East and the World (2013)
SHORAQUI Itshak Sephardic Sages in the Latter Generations (2009)
Being Israeli The Dynamics of Multiple Citizenship (2005)
CARTER’s Palestinian Peace, Not Apartheid (2006)
Decision making in Israel and its flaws (2013)
Disengagement from occupied territories as a system failure (2013)
ELIANY Marc Between Prophecy and Destruction and Israel Today (2010)
ELIANY Marc The Shia Revival How Conflict within Islam will impact Israel (2006)
ELIANY Marc The Struggle for a Moral Israel (2013)
EYAL Gil The disenchantment of the Orient (2005)
GREENFIELD Tzvia The Rise of the Religious Right in Israel (2001)
HERSH S M The Samson Option Israel s Nuclear Option (1991)
HESSEL Stephane’s Time for Outrage and Israel (2013)
Israeli Society Footnotes M. Eliany © (2014)
Justice as Fairness and its relevance to the Israeli Society (2013)
Multiculturalism made in Canada is good for Israel (2009)
PASSIG David Israel in 2048 (2010)
SLEZKINE Yuri The Jewish Century (2004)
TRAVERSO’s End of Jewish Modernity (2013)
TSUR Yaron A Torn Community The Jews of Morocco and Nationalism (2001)


Marc Eliany in Canadian Museum of Civilization

Other Publications

ELIANY Marc Citations (2013)


Between Lisbon and Marakesh
The Rezadeira (1997)


Creation and Israel
On Wine and Love (2001)

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