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1. One thing that puzzles me as to inequity is that people find excuses and justifications to it, rather than try to find ways to reduce it or eliminate it. It seems that victims and abusers use denial in the form of excuses and justification as a form of defense mechanism.
2. People also tend to focus on everyday existence. They do not analyze societies at large. They do not see or are not able to see prevalent societal faults. They are happy they managed to survive, achieve something and are thankful for it. They do not understand that they have equal rights to access to education and jobs and are thankful for what they have in spite of evidence of prevalent inequality.
3. There is a general sense that under the umbrella of fiscal responsibility, which has led to prosperity, there were too many paths not taken that could have ensured a fairer distribution of wealth in Israel and a more robust social safety net for neglected members of society. Israelis tend to stand behind their governments in face of foreign hostilities. However, Israelis will continue to do so, only to the extent that their governments become attentive to Israelis needs and change unfair economic policies of Israel. The government itself needs to change its culture from sectarian policies to policies based on universal principles to serve all Israelis on an egalitarian basis.

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