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Eliany Education
Eliany, Marc
Educational Qualifications

Doctorate studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Completed requirements, but did not submit a thesis.
M.A., B.A. Multidisciplinary Studies in Social Sciences and Administration Hebrew University in Jerusalem (1971-1976).
Human Engineering Management Technion – Institute of Technology in Israel (1969-1971)
Canadian Psychological Association (CPA member # 074518) General Administration Test (GAT) Canadian Public Service Commission exemption.
PhD studies at Carleton University prior to assuming post with the UN, completed requirements except thesis defence.
I have always complemented my work with studies and I have continued taking courses to better my knowledge and skills at Ottawa University (international cooperation), Algonquin College and University of Winnipeg (playwriting) among other schools.
Studies in Social Psychology and education
During my B.A. and M.A. studies I acquired training in social psychology of non-formal education. The program consisted of planning, administration and evaluation of educational programs for special needs groups such as literacy training, adult education, vocational training, apprenticeship and educational simulations (1971-76). In addition to a thorough knowledge of a variety of clinical therapeutical approaches, I became familiar with a variety of psychological tests (intelligence, personality, vocational). In 1984 I participated in a workshop on “Sexual Offenders Assessment and treatment”. In 1987, I became a certified Yoga teacher with the intention of using Yoga and Meditation techniques in relaxation therapy.
Studies in Administration and Economics
I studied human engineering, personnel selection, vocational testing and techniques of interviews among other courses (1969-71). I also studied finance, accounting, economy, marketing, administration of projects at local and national levels, budget preparation and computer use in management (1972-1976). In 1986, I completed a course in “Finance for managers” at the CSC Staff College in Laval, Quebec.
Advanced Studies in Statistical Analysis and Computer Application
Throughout my studies I took a variety of statistics, methodology and computer courses. I studied System Analysis and Design as well as Advanced Methods of Program Evaluation and Multiple Regression Applications such as path analysis and Data Analysis for Decision Makers .
Studies in International Development and Cooperation
My interest in international development dates back to 1971 when I took part in a special training program in the area of cooperative studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. At the time Israel was an important agent of development in Africa. My training consisted of planning and administration of consumers, production and educational cooperatives at the primary (local) and secondary (regional or national) level. I have a thorough knowledge of cooperatives in Scandinavia, Spain, Yugoslavia, North Africa and Israel. As late as 1985, I bettered my education in this area by taking several courses in economic analysis and international development at Ottawa University.
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