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Eliany Shuruk Pnina CV English
Pnina Eliany – Shuruk,

Born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1953
Immigrated to Israel in 1961
Lived in Kiriat – Shmona 1961- 1971.

The scenic Galilee, the Hula Valley between Mount Hermon and the Naphtali Mountains inspire her writings, along with her grandfather, parents and teachers as well as older siblings, at a time when bombs shelled her home town.

1971 – 1973 Israeli Military Service
1973 – xxxx Bar Ilan Universtity, B.A.
xxxx – xxxx Bar Ilan Universtity, M.A. Hebrew and Comparative literature.
1977 – Moving from the Galilee to Herzliya in Central Israel was for her a second
and more difficult ‘immigration.’
2005 Lives in Hod Hasharon.
xxxx –xxxx Taught literature in Israeli high schools, among other settings,
and conducts poetry readings.

Married to Eitan Gafni
Mother of three

Published books:

1989 An Attentive Woman, Sinai Press
1995 Vision Curator, Yaron Golan Publishing
2000 Love from the Womb, Poalim Library
2004 Imprinted by my Mother, Eked Publishers
2010 Light Glows in Me Once More, Eked Publishers

“Her poetry touches universal existential anxieties, fear of war, concern about her people’s value system, and her love for Israel, her homeland, her children, her childhood landscapes, and above all love.”

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