Names of Bulgarian Jews

Names of Bulgarian Jews

I am very pleased to announce that a dictionary of Jewish Bulgarian Surnames has been uploaded on the web. It includes 798 surnames, many of which were found in the Balkans. The details given for each surname are as follows:

(1) the surname,
(2) all its variants,
(3) the language it derives from,
(4) its meaning,
(5) when available a reference to its historical background in medieval Spain.

These references are all part of databases on Spain found in:
Eight surnames remained of unknown language and/or meaning..
Ashkenazi surnames of those who settled in Bulgaria at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th from mainly Romania, Ukraine and Russia have not be treated here as they can be found
in one of the already existing dictionaries.
Before searching any name, I suggest to first read the introduction in order to understand the history of the Bulgarian Jewish surnames. The present dictionary is searchable at:

Courtesy of : “MACSTA” <>

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