A moving tale of the illicit immigration of Jews from Morocco to Israel. It could be my own tale. except that people did not take suitcases, we left empty handed! L histoire de l immigration des juifs du Maroc dans ce film est tres vraie. C est la facon que j ai quitte le Maroc moi aussi, mais sans valises!!!

Secret departures from Morocco to Israel

Immigration to Israel and underground Zionist activities in Morocco

The American Jewish Committee (the Joint) point of view

Immigration of Moroccan Jews to Canada
Vision personnelle d’un cinéaste, ce documentaire traite des juifs nord-africains forcés de quitter leurs pays dans les années 1950.
Le réalisateur y relève leurs difficultés d’adaptation au sein de la communauté juive anglophone et d’un Québec en pleine évolution

20 ans après…, Office national du film du Canada

The forgotten refugees – One million Jews had to leave Arab lands as refugees. They rehabilitated themselves in Israel and elsewhere. They set an example to others whose ‘eternal refugee status’ prevents them from self rehabilitation and raises the probability of war and instability in the world all around.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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