Almagribi Sammy (Salomon Amzalag) sings I shall never forget you (amri ma nensak) accompanied by the Andalusian Ensemble. Singer Sammy Almagribi

Biton Cohen Zohara of Beni Melal, Morocco, Lives now in Israel. She sings, improvises and recalls sayings she sang to celebrate family occasions.Arabic, Hebrew, English Part I

Arabic, Hebrew, English Part II

Arabic, Hebrew, English Part III

Arabic, Hebrew, English Part IV

Arabic, Hebrew, English Part V

Arabic, Hebrew, English Part VI

Arabic, Hebrew, English Part VIII

Rabbi Yaacov HaCohen the Just, Arabic, Hebrew, English

Music Film written and directed by Asher Tlalim
The beauty of the music of the Moroccan Jews is its unique blend of Hebrew texts set to tunes borrowed from their Arab neighbors. This video was filmed on-location in Morocco and Israel in order to present the full flavor, feeling, and character of the poetry, messianic songs, and tunes that provide the foundation for authentic Moroccan Jewish music. Also featured in this unique musical extravaganza are Shlomo Bar and the Habrera Hativit Ensemble. ~ Kathryn Tamms, All Movie Guide

Adone haselihot – A Day of Atonement chant or piyut
Sung by Avihu Medina, accompanied by a choir and an orchestra, photos of Jewish Moroccan scenes in the background

Kol Nidre – A Day of Atonement chant or piyut
Eyal Bitton sings the beautiful & ancient Moroccan version of KOL NIDREI in a modern style. This haunting oath is sung on Yom Kippur by Jewish communities worldwide – Sephardi & Ashkenazi. Kol Nidré – version marocaine. Prière chantée la veille de Kippour. Harmonisation pour hazzan et chorale par soliste Eyal Bitton.

Rosh hashanna-New Year’ s Piyut: Amonay Chama’ti..
Beautiful, pleading Sephardic High Holiday piyut recited on Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur before Amidah.
Tradtional Moroccan melody sung by Eyal Bitton.
Piyout sepharade chanté à Roche Hachana & Yom Kippour avant l’Amida. Air marocain. Soliste: Eyal Bitton.

Piyut or sacred chanting
Leon Azancot, a wonderful 80 year old Tangerine Jew (he should live to 120), sang some piyyutim in Hebrew and explained them in Spanish at his insurance office over the Socco Grande (entrance to the souk) in Tangier, Morocco. Video by Vanessa Paloma

Wedding chant
Sung by Francoise Atlan during the Fes Festival of Sacred world music, in Morocco. You can buy the CD on Amazon!
The song is called The Golden ladder and it is a traditional wedding song. Slideshow of beautiful Jewish Sephardic and Moroccan women and places. Note that not all women are jewish. Lyrics are posted on YouTube.

Wedding music Ariel Oziel sings a wedding song with Koby Chai

The first song is Nani Nani a jewish sephardic lullaby,
the second song is Tsour Michela both sung by Francoise Atlan.
The other songs is a form of Gharnati music, mixed with jewish, arabic and gitano music and flamenco dance.

Andalusia, Andalusian, Andalus Arabic, Spanish, Jewish Music. Moroccan oudist Tarik Banzi improvises a solo.
He is the artistic director of Al-Andalus.
( and oud & flamenco guitar …

A composition of Felix Even Haim to Sason Zanani poem of love to Israel, an inter-cultural collaboration reflecting Israeli multi-culturalism.

An Israeli Moroccan singer, Lior Elmaliah, sings Albinoni in Moroccan Arabic, directed by David Kribousheh, April 2009. Beautiful.

Israeli Moroccan singers, Lior Elmaliah and Simon Siboni, sing ‘L’elisir d’ amore’ , directed by David Kribousheh, April 2009. Beautiful.

Lior Elmaliah sings a string of songs Jewish Moroccan style.

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