The application of henna, a reddish natural conditioner, to parts of the body is done for beauty as well as a good luck ritual. Henna rituals preceded bar mitsvahs and weddings, among other celebrations. It is a time of joy and celebration.

Henna celebration in Israel A Yafa Levy project

The night of the bride party, a celebration of the bride in the Jewish Moroccan tradition. The bride and her guests are anointed with henna, believed to offer protection from harm, a vestige of an ancient belief in the existence of underworld creatures which aim to snatch brides shortly before their wedding night.

A henna celebration in Haifa, Israel

A private henna party precceding the wedding (March 25, 2007). Everyone had a blast.

Vow of silence at a Casablanca Synagogue

Kosher Chicken Slaughter At the Fes Rambam Centre

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