Adam and Eve and Creation

Adam and Eve and Creation
Marc Eliany © All Rights Reserved

‘By design’ grandpa Yacov told me ‘when Adam and Eve were born, they found the world as we know it already made and the Temple was the first image that appeared in the pupil of their eyes, for Jerusalem was destined from the start to be the center of the world, like an iris in a land surrounded by oceans.

Adam and Eve and their descendents resemble angels in many ways but in one way they differ from them. Adam and Eve were born with the ability to complete Creation. Ever since, when the children of Adam and Eve do good, the seraphim sing their praise but when they deviate from the path of creation, the angel of death descends to earth and collects their souls so they cannot be born again. And so in death, angels who envy Adam and Eve are appeased.

Of all the angels in heaven, only Raphael favored the creation of Adam and Eve. Ever since, when the children of Adam and Eve are busy with the task of creation, angels in the guise of men and women mingle with them, for although they can take any other form to perform duties assigned to them by the Almighty, they prefer our form and appearance. But in the firmament, between earth and heaven, the angels change into wind and in heaven – they turn into fire, surrounding the Throne on all sides.

When great-grandpa Avraham died, archangel Gabriel collected his soul in person and when your father joined him, archangel Michael accompanied him and Raphael led the seraphim in singing their praise in heaven. Raphael is the Angel of Healing. He is the one who delivered you wise and in good health, an offering to your mother after your father’s departure.’

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