Amulets and Good Fortune

Amulets and Good Fortune
El Hi Ani © All Rights Reserved

In the beginning angels disagreed about the creation of Adam and Eve. Some angels loved them – others envied them. The angels of envy did everything in their power to undermine the first man and woman ever created and tempted them to eat from the Fruit of Knowledge. But eating the Fruit of Knowledge was forbidden and as a consequence, humankind nowadays must work to make a living. Some do well but many don’t.

Angels of envy watch from above and say:
‘See, Adam and Eve lost Paradise. Now they will lose Justice too!’

But the angels who love mankind know the angels of envy well and from time to time they descend to earth to correct every wrongdoing.

One day Raphael, one of the loving angels, watched Seha working day and night yet hardly making a living. Raphael gave Seha wealth to make his life easier. Angels of envy appeared as crooks, swindled Seha and made his life miserable again. Raphael came back to earth and gave Seha an amulet. The amulet contained nothing, but it made Seha’s life on earth much easier!

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