Beni Melal – A blessed Jewish community in Morocco

Beni Melal Market

Casablanca: A description of Jewish life in Casablanca, Synagogues, Hebrew and French Schools and the choice of Israel over the West and Morocco.

Casablanca Jewish Community Centre

Casablanca Beth El Synagogue

Casablanca Aging honorably in Casablanca

In collaboration with Casablanca since 1900 A description of Casablanca since 1900

Demnat Jewish community, its relations with Muslim neighbors, occupations, French education and departure to Israel ???? ?????? ??????? ?????, ?????, ???? ?????, ??????, ????? ?????? ???????, ????? ??????

Essaouira had a Jewish Community too

Essaouira setting for: Jewish Learning and Modernization in Morocco

Fes Mellah the old Jewish Quarter

Fes The Last Jews of Fes

Fes Jews as described by Youness Abedour

Mazagan or El Jadida

The Jewish community has for many centuries lived in harmony and friendship with its Muslim and Christian neighbors in this most beautiful land of Morocco, but has been reduced to a mere few thousand from over 450,000 souls. These precious photos of the City of ELJADIDA (formerly known as Mazagan) gives a small glimpse of its former Jewish community which no longer exists. Peace to all.

Marrakesh Jewish Quarter – the Melah

Meknes had a Jewish Community too

Meknes Memories

Ouazzane had a Jewish Community and a Saint

Rabat had a Jewish Community too

Safi de Felix Abenhaim

Tangier International City

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