Eliany Marc – Creation and Israel

Poems on Creation and Israel

M. Eliany ©

Hear the cradle
The cradle
Weeping estrangement.
The tale of reeds
Lamenting men
Far from their source.
The moan of women
Blowing in the wind,
Wishing back
The time they loved,
The time they were united,
The time they praised benevolence,
The time they lived in humility.

Samson and Delilah
M. Eliany ©

I have seen a woman in Timna’
A beauty amongst Philistines,
Delilah is her name.
She is my destiny,
My wife to be!
The wedding lasted seven days.
Adorned garments,
Torches lit and procession.
Samson and Delilah
Were king and queen.

On the seventh day,
Before the sun sank down,
Between riddles and wine,
Samson’s pride was cut.
Ever since,
Life in Israel
Has never been the same.
And till this day
Israel and Philistines
Remain astray.

Love is my fate
M. Eliany ©

Love is faith.
Love is my fate
Equally in
Temples or

I shunned no reason
M. Eliany ©

Shunned no reason
Scorned no learning
Clang not to one single creed.
No beginning,
No end.
Existence in itself
Truth in all.

The light I love

M. Eliany ©

You are
The light I love,
The source of all illumination,
The experience of all imagination,
The inspiration of what exists not.
You are
The Light of Lights,
My quest so pure,
How could there be any Hope
But You!

My dreams
M. Eliany ©

My dreams were blood stained,
Orphans bathed in them,
And my prayers,
Too powerless
To sooth my aching soul,
Until I brought an end to evil
And I learnt to do good.

M. Eliany ©

Late you came to me,
Emerging from within,
Not from lovely things
Sought out there.
And I loved you shamelessly,
As if existence was only in you,
As if all else existed not.

Make peace your path
M. Eliany ©

Make peace your path,
Justice – your walk.
Drink from the fountain of life.
Let others drink in turn.
Life is your spring.
That is all there is!”

Justice seduced me
M. Eliany ©

Justice seduced me
And I was overcome.
I tried to say:
It’s not my business
But like fire,
It burnt in my heart,
And I could not bear
My efforts to contain it.

Unmoved Mover
M. Eliany ©

Unmoved Mover!
Uncaused Being!
I searched
Till the darkest of darkness
Came upon me,
Till every abyss
Filled with delusion.
But You eluded me.
Unmoved Mover!
Uncaused Being!
Could You ever exist?
If You do,
Shine upon me,
And make me sing your praise.

Living on borrowed time
M. Eliany ©

I am
Neither a man or a woman,
Neither a Jew or a Muslim,
Neither from earth or heaven,
Neither from North or South.

I am what I am,
A living creature on borrowed time.
Every thing else matters not.

Towers of Illusion
M. Eliany ©

It is still summer here
but it is not as hot,
as on mid-summer days.
From time to time,
forecasters say,
a cooler day is on its way,
yet above seasonal temperature lingers.
On such days,
dreamers say,
we might get
some rain.
That is what winter is like here.

Meanwhile, the country is in denial,
that balance in the Middle East has gone by.
Israel offensive capabilities remain destructive,
but its enemies’ missiles’ arsenal multiplied.
For this, Israel has little defense.

The day missiles fall upon Tel Aviv,
in lieu of heaven’s rain,
the glass towers,
where our elite resides,
will tumble.

Then, it might be too late to ponder,
why alternatives were hardly considered.
And believers might wonder
why Heaven let it happen.

Until then, we shall remain proud
of our might,
chariots and smarts,
and towers of illusion
and semblance of success.

Blessing for a holiday season
M. Eliany ©

It is sunny in the Holy Land,
No rain,
No peace yet,
But hopes remain,
That rain will come
And peace too.

This Christmas,
When you whisper Santa,
Or ask Heaven for a wish,
Please plead for rain and peace,
To bless the Holy Land,
And may you be blessed
With a Merry Christmas,
The best of New Years,
And the happiest holiday season.

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