Exhibitions – Eliany Marc

2013 – 2006 Haela art centre, Haela art association, Israel
2010 Chelsea Gallery, London, England
2010 – 2006 Havaya art centre, Haela art association, Israel
2010 – 2005 Galeria Cavendish Mall, Montreal, Canada  (www.virtualpublications.ca)
2005 McMichael Collection d’Art Canadien

2005 National Archive, Ottawa, Canada
2005 Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2004 – 2003 Michele Villeneuve Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
2004 St Andrew’s Open Art Studio (Ongoing exhibition)
2003 Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada
2003 – 2002 COAT, open studio, part of central Ottawa artists tour
2003 Billings Museum Art Fair, Ottawa, Canada
2002 Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel (exhibition, reading of play Resadeira, lecture)
2002 Auberge des Arts, Montpellier, Quebec (ongoing exhibition)
2002 – 2001 Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Canada (Lands within me)
2002 COAT, open studio, part of central Ottawa artists tour
2001 Saw Gallery, Ottawa, Canada (part of fund raising event)
2001 Recycl’art, Argenteuil, Quebec
2001 Beaver College Fine Art Gallery
2000 Museum Gallery, Safed Artist Colony, Israel
2000 Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD, USA
1999 Gallery 101, Ottawa, Canada (part of Artists Against Violence Exhibition)
1999 Collected Works, Ottawa, Canada (part of NOK, African Artists Exhibition)
1999 Parliament of Canada, Ottawa, Canada (Artists Against Racism Exhibition)
1998 CCIBB, Paris, France
1997 Enriched Bread Artists Gallery, Ottawa, Canada in collaboration with:
1997 Art on Preston Street and the Association of Preston Street Merchants and the Vendemia
1997 Zürich Kosmos Galerie, Vienna, Austria (sponsored by Zürich Insurance Europe)       
1996 Kasbah, Ottawa, Canada (part of art in living spaces)
1995  67th annual competition, The art association of Harrisburg Gallery, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
1994  29th International competition, The Fine Arts Institute, San Bernardino, County Museum, California
1994 Alvan G. and Carol J. Lampke prize,  New Heaven, Connecticut.

1994 Hilton, Vienna, Austria (sponsored by the Embassy of Morocco)
1994 Galerie in der Sterngasse, Vienna, Austria
1994 Palais Clam Gallas, Vienna (sponsored by the Embassies of Morocco and France)
1994 Galerie Karl Strobl, Vienna, Austria (sponsored by the Afro-Asian Institute)

1985 Conference Centre, Winnipeg, Canada
1985 Carlton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1980 JCC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1979 Fine things Gallery, Fournier, Ontario     
See  Reviews

Community Art projects

1979 Established the Fine Things Gallery in Fournier, Ontario, a rural artists collaboration project in Prescott Russell, East of Ottawa

1980-1981 Contributed to Big Brothers Annual Art auction, Ottawa, Canada

1996-1997 Initiated Art on Preston Street in collaboration with the Preston Street Merchants association and the Vendemia Week, Ottawa, Canada

1997-1999 contributed to the development of NOK, African Artist Association,

Ottawa, Canada, acted as Secretary of the Association

1997-2000 Contributed and led the development of Crazy About Art in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Ottawa, Canada. Crazy About Art is an ongoing art therapy program based in Ottawa and managed by CMHA.

1997-2000 Contributed to United Way and CCOC art for fund raising development project

1997-2000 Contributed to Artists Against Racism, Ottawa, Canada

1998 Contributed to Artists against Violence, Ottawa, Canada

2001-2002 Contributed to Lands within Me, artists from Arab Lands established in Canada

1980-2002 ongoing community project documenting Jewish Life in an Arab Land (Morocco) in painting, writing, research, photography and video (see website www.artengine.ca/eliany/ for more publications and related exhibits).

2000-2002 Contributed to a round table committee for art development in la Petite Nation Region, North East of Ottawa. Contributed to a round table committee on the use of art for development of tourism in la Petite Nation Region, North East of Ottawa.

2002 Invited artist to Ben Gurion University, inaugurated “The Last Jews of Ifrikia” exhibition, launched a reading of the play “Rezadeira” and delivered a lecture on the documentation of Jewish community life in Morocco.

2003 Invited to Auckland, New Zealand to exhibit and deliver two lectures:

“Artistic creation and the Moroccan Jewish Diaspora” and “Burial Practices and the Fes Jewish Cemetery” two art and photography research projects. (see website www.artengine.ca/eliany/ for more publications and related exhibits).

2002-2003 Contributed to the Ben Zvi Diaspora Research Institute publication “The Moroccan Jewry” (Profiles of Jewish Moroccan Artists (article), Moroccan Landscapes (photos), Jewish life in Morocco (photos) (see website www.artengine.ca/eliany/ for more publications and related exhibits).

2000-2003 Established an artist residence program Auberge des Arts at Lake Schryer, North East of Ottawa.

2003 Contributor to COAT, Center Ottawa Art Tour.


Private collections in Canada, Austria, Israel, Danemark, Belgium, France, China.

Austria Karin Fuessl,Cecile Dujardin, Dr Nichola Wochins, Franz Maur, Chen Xi, Dr. Gabriele Kohlbauer, Musee Juif de Vienne,
Institut Afro-Asiatique,
Zurich Cosmos Corp.

Canada Gillette Trickey, Johanne Trickey, Societe Gama, CCOC, Robert Trepanier, Katherine Palmer, Carole Toone, Arthur and Rivka Waas, Genevieve Trickey, Steve Schreiber, Camille Zakharia, Louise Dupont, Ellen Rasnikoff, Joseph Levy, Dr. Leo Gaudet, Dr. Chantal Whelan, Lynda Bernfeld, Joseph Cohen, Mahnaz Tarkipour, Marcel Plamondon, Jacques Charboneau, Evie Duhard, Nicole Gagnon, Monique Landry, Aron Zohar

Marocco Sa Majeste le Roi du Maroc, Hassan II, Ambassade du Maroc a Vienne, Autriche, M. El Fassi Fihri, amb. du Maroc a Vienne, M. Ben Moussa, amb. du Maroc a Vienne

Israel Nathan Acoca, Rony Acoca, Yaron Scharlitz, Simon Lahyani, Pnina Shuruk, Margalth Scharlitz, Idith Shreier, Nicole Lankri, Miriam Bouzaglo, Samy Eliany, David Eliany, Yitschak Kerem, Shoshana Gueta

Belgium Ignace et Jacqueline Dujardin

France Philipe Levy, Helene Kutner

Senegal Mamadou Seck

Danemark Lars Peterson

USA Stephan Dupont et TJ Shia, Eliyakim and Toby Frank, Adam and Elizabeth Frank

Reviews abstracts

“Marc Eliany touches the heroic, the power of the symbol. His painting reduces rhythms to their essential. From his native Morocco, he does not paint the concrete object but powerful symbols, a transformation of his childhood milieu. In his allegory on canvases, Marc Eliany, does not express nostalgia but a desire to repossess the doors, the walls and landscapes of his native Morocco. His work expresses his deep and colorful spirituality, and his fierce sensuality.” (review from Gates of Welcome by Dr Serge Ouaknine, Universite du Quebec 1994)

“In his exhibition ‘Eroba Eroba’, Marc Eliany uses colors and forms as symbols to tell a story about Europe from a non-European point of view. He expresses: hope for a better future. deception… persecutions… and he turns back to hope… Using a language of Symbolic Expressionists, this artist tells a painted tale in which he bridges between two worlds” (Exerts from a review of Eroba Eroba by Dr Gabriele Kohlbauer, Vienna Jewish Museum, 1997)

For full reviews see website: www.artengine.ca/eliany/


A graduate in personnel management (Technion 1979), social sciences (Hebrew University of Jerusalem BA 1974, MA 1976), Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada (Doctorat 1976-1980) and University of Ottawa (Diplomes 1985). Published extensively in the area of Health Studies in Canada (1989-1996). Auto-didactic in the area of the arts, studied at the Tel Hay College of Art in Israel (1966) and the School of Art in Ottawa (1985), worked intermittently with other artists in Canada, France, Austria, Israel and Morocco.

Member of Saw Video, Art Engine, COAT Central Ottawa Artist Tour in Ottawa Canada, Recycl’Art of Quebec, CARFAC.
Involved in art and tourism initiatives in Israel and Canada.

Born March 26, 1948 in Beni Mellal, Morocco.

For detailed education and professional qualifications see life CV in www.artengine.ca/eliany/




67 Chesterton drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2E 5T4 1 613 800 9030
15 Moshav Sedot Micah, Doar Na Haela 99810 Israel




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