Ladders to Heaven

Ladders to Heaven
Marc Eliany © All Rights Reserved

“Thousands of years passed. The time of hunting had passed and farmers began tilling the land. Artisans were born and merchants exchanged the bounty produced on the face of the earth. And earth, after many years of darkness, became a pleasant place to live again.

Most cannot remember what really happened, for every one knows only that which they experienced. And the sages who remembered said:

‘The spirit of a legend is not in a story
But in the freedom to see
The essence of nature in eternity!’

Ever since, all that was born claimed no longer that it came first or that it created all, only that it is a tiny portion of the whole. And the sages multiplied to hold ladders for people to climb the heavens. And ever since, pilgrims sing:

Bless the brave
Who climb to heaven,
Insight is their garland.
Bliss – their realm.

And all that was created roam the world. And people eat from the fruit of knowledge everywhere.

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