The Rain Maker

Seha the Rain Maker
El Hi Ani © All Rights Reserved

Everyone knows that saints in Morocco were capable to bring rain after long droughts. But few ever guessed Seha was able to make rain too.

One day Seha traveled to a far away village behind the Atlas Mountains. Upon arrival, not only that he could not sell any of his merchandise, he also had to perform a miracle to save the poor villagers from thirst, as a drought of long duration dried every well and people had no water left to drink.

As people were desperate, they asked Seha to help them. Seha asked the villagers to bring him a bucket of water, two sticks and a rope. The villagers did as requested. Seha washed his cloths and hang them on the rope between the two sticks.

‘What have you done?’ Cried the villagers. ‘The bucket of water we gave you was our last and you wasted it to wash your cloths?’

‘Don’t despair’ replied Seha. ‘Whenever I hang my cloths to dry, rain falls.’ And as Seha finished his sentence, clouds appeared above the village in distress and rain fill up wells again!

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