The tale of Lilith and the Jnun

The tale of Lilith and the Jnun
Marc Eliany © All Rights Reserved

“In the beginning,” my mother told me, “Creation came into being and everything was born within It. And Creation said, ‘It’ and no other, created all. And those who were born after ‘It’, rebelled and said: they were the beginning of everything!

And ever since, many sages have come and gone. And each has said:

‘Come with me
To heaven,
To the place
The Creator of all

But all that was created was afraid to fly. And Creation became the king of all and everybody else became Its slaves. And Justice deserted the world. And Creation fell from heaven to earth. And eternity existed no more.

And ever since, a sage was born in every generation. And the sage lived a perfect life, showing others the way to complete creation. But, Lilith, summoned a serpent and turned it into an object of great desire. But the sages did not sway from their path.
And the serpent called upon darkness to hide its shame. And the darkness lasted many days. And a ferocious wind came thereafter, sweeping every tree, every hill and every shelter where mankind hid its desire. And the wind blew away the best of soils. And sand covered much of the land. And rain, rather than feed earth, turned into ice in far seas!

And when the sages ached for the desolation, they summoned Mercy to reign on earth. And ever since, rainfalls refresh the land for the livings to rejoice. And children grow tall and their beauty surpasses all that was created before.

Ever since, Lilith and the jnun live in the underworld. And when light shines upon the earth, darkness retreats into its depth. And everyone remembers that the reward of peaceful life is in good deeds.”

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